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1910-1950 Living History displays

Civilian & Military Memorabilia

The members of Deco in Style have come together to recreate some of the ambience of this flamboyant and colourful period of our history. Our varied re-enactment scenarios, many of which contain original clothing and artefacts endeavour to evoke memories of a time from the Great War period through the roaring twenties and on to the austere time of World War II. We are available for public or closed events and schools, offering talks and live displays.

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RAF Operations

This mobile interactive display represents an RAF station operations room during World War II showing how the plotting table would have operated during the Battle of Britain.  We recreate a number of significant raids that occurred during the Battle of Britain. Each one has been researched to reflect the numbers of aircraft and actions that took place on these specific days. These displays are a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who took part in the Battle Of Britain and beyond, especially for the surviving veterans and as an educational experience for all.

We can also offer an insight into the actions of the RAF at DDay.

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The Great War

We explore the various aspect of this “war to end all wars” focusing on some of the key aspects of the conflict along with information boards featuring: Male recruitment; Conditions at the front; Women’s roles during the period; and social media and advertising of the time, complimented by original artefacts.

The Great War provided women with their first real opportunity to enter the workplace and we explore how they moved from domestic service and the upper echelons of society into heavy industry and the armed forces.

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We span the decades with our memorabilia displays, encapsulating the social upheaval and hardships of the Great War then moving forward through the roaring twenties using the medium of period advertisements and artefacts of the day. We continue on to the austere times of the Second World War with its rationing and the dark days of the Blitz and the Home Front. From sewing machines to bean slicers, magazines to knitting patterns we offer an insight to the times that our parents and grandparents lived and fought through.

Along with items of militaria we have something of interest for all with a desire to explore early twentieth century social history

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Forthcoming Events

May 8th & 9th

Village at War                                 Tilford Rural Life Centre

Sept 11th & 12th

1940s Weekend                              Kent & East Sussex Railway – Tenterden

Please note that events may be cancelled or postponed subject to Covid restrictions